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There once was a prince named Emeray

That had golden yellow hair

He was a twin of Melodie who had skin so fair.

Now Emeray was to be king in “Unfreezing Prince Emeray”

He would transform into a king on Sarah Star’s Birthday.

Once he was king Razel had no control over him

He would help the rest of the Suzarian galaxy before it became too dim.

Written on December 4, 2010

Copyright 2010 Chevalier Originals, Inc

Melodie the music maker,
Loves to play the flute.
She’ll play her flute,
named the Lu Lu wearing her matching colored suit.
Her flute makes beautiful sounds more than just a toot.
She plays her flute under an apple tree,
playing so happily—
For she is waiting for a dear friend,
He visits her again and again.
His name is UniCandle the magical unicorn.
They call him that because a flame emits from his horn.
This flame makes birthday wishes come true
when his flame is a deep orange blue.
Then Melodie plays a birthday tune
as UniCandle unicorn flies by with the light of the moon.
A child will soon arrive
on Krendoll island where dolls come alive.

Written by Sue Chevalier on September 2,2012



There once was a doll named Melodie
Who brought children lots of joy,
Melodie is not like any other doll,
For she is a magical toy.
Melodie is from a magical land,
A land where dolls roam free,
This land is called Krendoll”
“Do you want to go there with me? ”
If, so then come with me.
We enter the land of Krendoll
By way of a magical dream.
But first we have to close our eyes,
And then count to three.
“Now open your eyes,
Look in your hands,
Your holding a magical key.”
The key is for a lock
That opens up a treasure chest.
“I’ll give you a clue to help you find it,
It has a golden crest.”
“Hey, look over there,
There’s something on the floor.”
Why it’s the treasure chest,
That’s filled with magic and lore.”
The treasure chest holds great things,
That will help us on our way.
Opening it we see it has a map
With a candle on a tray.
The map has big letters written in bold,
The map reads: Follow the winding road.”
Looking down on the ground,
We see the winding road,
Following it we see it
Leads to something very tall and gold.
It’s a magical tree with a lock on its door,
Let’s use the key to see what it might be for.
Opening the door, we see in the distance a shadow by a tree,
Why it’s Melodie on a unicorn as happy as can be.
Melodie is on UniCandle with his horn shining bright,
Lighting the way so the Krendoll dolls come into sight.
Melodie jumps off of UniCandle who lets her to the ground,
We notice there are many happy dolls dancing all around.
“Welcome to the land of Krendoll and let me introduce you to everyone,
They all would like to meet you, so here’s there names one by one.”

Written by Sue Chevalier on September 2,1992


There once was a red haired girl named Sarah Blue Star


Her mother Suzaria was from planet Raytron, quite far.


Sarah was born on planet Earth


Born in a crystal cave, she had a magical birth.


Now at her birth, Lexius the wizard


UniCandle unicorn and Snookems elf would be


But an ice witch named Razel would intervene.


She came to take baby Sarah far away


So Sarah wouldn’t have her


Krendoll island birthday.


Luckily in the nick of time


Sarah singed one of Razel’s beauty black eyes


With her magical hands that had stars inside.


Lexius wizard made an orbit box that shines


With silver stars on the outside.


Baby Sarah go to planet Raytron on a fast ride


with UniCandle unicorn and


Snookems at her side.


She would be raised on Raytron to age of five


then go to the island were magical toys come alive.


Yes, Sarah would have her Krendoll island birthday


with UniCandle unicorn and Melodie Mezoree’.


Written on September 23, 2014

She can write, she can draw
She can even talk Melodie Mezoree’ doll.
What else can she do?
If only I could sing a tune
Hey wait! Melodie can sing!
What a wonderful thing!
Recording Melodie’s voice gives Suzae a choice.
A choice to say something funny
Melodie makes the day more sunny.
Especially when she is defending a human
Razel has bashed—Melodie retorts real fast.
Suzae makes funny sayings every day
for her doll Razel and Melodie Mezoree’.
Like Razel’s spider who lost it’s leg
Razel has to make a spell to get it back again.
Razel makes spells that make you cringe
she does the spell while she evily sings.
Sing her song ‘Razel The Ice Witch’
But Melodie writes Happy Poems that will bring
memories that make your heart go bling!

Written by Sue Chevalier on April 20,2012

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